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Legendary Blues Guitarist B.B King Dead at 89!

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 2.56.02 AMLegendary Blues Guitarist died peacefully in his sleep at his residence in las vegas, Nevada. He was 89 years of age with a personality and spirit that will live long after he is laid to rest. Many will say “The thrill is gone” as a reference to his hit by the same name. He played with all of the greats from Jimi Hendrix to Eric Clapton, Carlos Santana and more…He was the opening act for the Rolling Stones early on in his career.

He toured the world with his sidekick who was his partner in Blues “Lucille” his trusted guitar. He was recently ranked by Rolling Stone as the 6th best guitarist of all time! He won a total of 15 Grammy Awards during his illustrious career. He was born Riley King on a cotton plantation in Mississippi

He played at the white house as recently as 2012. Look for a tribute concert in the near future at his namesake nightclub B.B Kings in New York City. The world has lost a gem. R.I.P!

Picture of the late B.B King


Jamie Foxx gives a weird rendition of national anthem before Mayweather-Paquiao fight

Jamie Foxx singing at mayweather-Paquiao fight in Las VegasJamie Foxx gave a questionable performance at the Mayweather – Paquiao fight in las Vegas on May 2nd. He sang a remixed weird rendition of the national anthem which the majority of those that witnessed it said was horrible. It was full of off key moments and weird ad-libs. This seems to be bad timing considering Jamie’s new album is set to soon be released and this was not a good promotional look as a prelude to his upcoming music release. Twitter and Facebook are buzzing with harsh comments and reviews of his performance.



Did Wilt Chamberlain have a Son he never met?

Picture of wilt Chamberlain 100 point gameThe Legend of Wilt ‘The Stilt’ Chamberlain will live on far longer than any of us. After all it outlived Wilt himself. He was a living legend as well, claiming to have slept with as many as 20,000 woman. He is forever etched in Pro Basketball fame for many reasons. One being his record 100 point scoring game in the National Basketball Association, then theres his world class volleyball skills. Then the 20,000 women. So it shouldn’t be far fetched to assume that even if the number of women is exaggerated (which i couldn’t say either way). I can’t help thinking this story will make some very compelling points from a man who has gathered some interesting facts regarding his paternity as well as who his father may actually be.
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How an Army Rangers sniper became ‘The Reaper’ | New York Post

How an Army Rangers sniper became ‘The Reaper’ | New York Post.

The Reaper Book Cover 'Nicholas IrvingNick “Irv” Irving had never taken a human life when his platoon sergeant took him to one side. “After you kill a man,” said the NCO, “there’s no other feeling like it. Mark my words. You won’t want to do any hunting again. The excitement of that will be gone. You won’t find any joy in it. Once you kill a man, you can’t replace that feeling.”
Later, in Iraq, Irv was on the .50 caliber machine gun in a column of Stryker armored vehicles outside of Ramallah. On Route Tampa, the sun had just climbed above the horizon when a car sped past them at 70 mph. “If this guy turns around and approaches us at that same rate of speed,” said Irv’s supervisor, “take him out.” Irv Wondered: If it was that easy?

Creative Artist Profile: The Amazing Dale | T.A.D

Artist Spotlight: The Amazing Dale | Brooklyn | New York | Innovator | Director
| Videographer | Photographer

Let’s do do something Amazing!

Enter the arena: T.A.D

picture of the amazing dale on

The Amazing Dale | T.A.D


Every blue moon comes a young visionary with the hunger of a rapper, the drive
of an athlete and the street savvy and of a Baller from Brooklyn.
These qualities…along with a love for technology, an eye for flare and more than enough
dedication to bring your vision to life with a groundbreaking mindset is The Amazing Dale also ‘professionally known’ as YSL Dale.

Enjoy the media highlight reel of T.A.D where their mantra is “Lets do Something Amazing”

Officially Endorsed by The Guerilla Filmmakers Foundation

A Brand to watch!

Amazing Dale Reel
The Amazing Dale Logo
The Amazing Dale Logo