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DJ Profile: DJ Rasta Root C.E.O | Manager | Producer | Tour DJ | Brand

rastaroot2013unfilteredDj Rasta Root travelled the world for the first 23 years of his life. He was exposed to various languages and cultures. Having lived in countries such as Canada, Guatemala, Brazil, England, Holland, Abu Dhabi, Spain and Japan; he experienced musical instruments such as the japanese taiko drum and the brazilian war drum. The instrument that peaked his interest the most was the Technics 1200 turntable. Even though he is fluent in Spanish, Portuguese and conversational in Japanese, the language he loves the most is music. And it is with the 1200 that he has the ability to seamlessly mix and deliver an aural soundscape that truly touches peoples’ souls.

Rasta Root often says that his method of mixing is simple arithmetic with a touch of soul. Being able to count bars and execute the most impossible mixes with laser-like precision, is what sets him apart form the other turntable linguists. His dj technique is a style-less style or a hybrid of turntablism merged with club mixing.

His formidable global experience growing up has helped him in his dj travels thus far. Whether it’s rockin’ for 10,000 screaming Bogota hip hop fans at Rap Al Parque or playin’ a cavi New Years party in Makati, Philippines, you are sure to experience something special and like no

Rasta Root counts being selected for the 2004 Redbull Academy in Rome as the turning point in his career. He was one of sixty handpicked djs and producers, from a pool of 2500 applicants worldwide, to travel to Europe for a two week music seminar/workshop. There, he met legends in the music business as well as future legends.

Rasta Root has been able parlay his International Business degree into a burgeoning artist management firm. Clients such as A Tribe Called Quest, Phife, and Dwele are on his roster. His newest client, Aleesha Barber, is a very promising olympian, who competed for Trinidad & Tobago in the Beijing 2008 Olympiad.

He is the founder of Smokin’ Needles Records, which he co-owns with Phife from A Tribe Called Quest. They are gearing up to release Phife’s second solo album under the Smokin’ Needles label. He has also tried his inventor/entrepreneur side by inventing and founding Smokin Shells, his high end chrome finish turntable head shell.Smokin Shells Logo

Rasta Root dove deep into music production in the 90s and started As Soul Studios once he was moved and settled in Atlanta. He currently scores music for ABC tv, ESPN, Midway Games and 2k Sports as well as handling production duties for Phife and a battalion of talented singers and mcs.

Rasta Root Face-Off Friday's 8 year Anniversary performance by Phife Dawg

Party Superhero DJ Fudge Re-introduces himself to The World!

dj fudge on caseMany are misled by the unassuming demeanor of Stacey Childs as he humbly approaches the DJ stand with equipment in tow. He sets up quickly – quietly sizing up the crowd. He dons his headphones and begins to search for the perfect track. Soon he’s head nodding and top rocking. If you don’t already know, you may begin to wonder: who is this man and why is he rocking so hard? But once he drops the needle and turns the fader, there is no doubt: the party has begun because DJ FUDGE has arrived!

Down-tempo, rare grooves. old school classics, hip hop headbangers, pop. or rock. No genre is beyond the realm of DJ FUDGE. You never know where his musical journey will lead, but the crowd eagerly follows. His vast knowledge and sincere love and respect of music has led him to work with a wide range of artists including Joi, Jeru the Damaja, Little Brother, Julie Dexter, Raekwon, Slum Village, Camp Lo, Phife Dawg, Ali Shaheed Muhammed (A Tribe Called Quest), DJ Red Alert, DJ Spindarella, Chuck D, Flavor Flav, DJ Lord (Public Enemy), DJ 9th Wonder, DJ Hi-Tek, & EMC among others.

DJ FUDGE is a respected name in the Atlanta music community where he is well known from his affiliation with such popular events as Face Off Fridays, A Vibe Called Fresh, What the Funk?!, Nodfactor2, and Fantastic Fridays. FUDGE is an active member of the 5 Star Generals DJ crew, the Scratch Academy of New York and the international Red Bull Music Academy. Also a noted turntablist, Fudge’s battle scars include the Kool Mixx DJ Battle (2004 finalist); Guitar Center DJ Battle (2001 finalist); and TasteMaker DJ’s Sound Boxing DJ Battle (2000 champion). dj fudge hoodie In 2004, he toured internationally through Finland and Estonia on the Defkut Records Funky Club Tour. In 2008, DJ FUDGE toured with the House of Hip Hop Concert Series, performing in various venues across the U.S. More recently he has rocked the stage with Hip Hop group MSEIZE, artists Rock Most and Bambu da Asiatic. Served as road manager for the 2010 Smokin Needles European tour featuring Phife Dawg (A Tribe Called Quest), Chip Fu (Fu Schnickens) and DJ Rasta Root. And in 2012 he continued his international travels by playing a night in Geneva, Switzerland.

In addition to his residency at Atlanta’s famous MJQ Concourse, DJ FUDGE appears regularly on the WREKroom Renaissance on WREK 91.1fm, and previously on the Beatz and Lyrics show with Jayforce on WRFG 89.3fm, and Hush Hush on WRAS 88.5fm. FUDGE also produces a series of mixtapes which include: “Full Metal Joints”, an independent Hip Hop mixtape and “Hush Hush”, an instrumental mixtape series. In 2014, DJ FUDGE will continue to realease other mixtapes and projects to further his vast catalogue, and he is taking the “Full Metal Joints” brand to new heights by incorporating online television!


dj fudge lightsPrepare to dance. Prepare to sweat. Partying is not an option. With DJ FUDGE on the tables, the party won’t stop until the lights come on or someone pulls the plug.
–K. Ellick







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DJ Ant Love: A look at his run on late night television with Academy Award Winner Mo’Nique and Comedian Rodney Perry

The Monique Show [BET] ~ Russell Simmons Def Comedy Jam, Rodney Perry’s “Off The Chain” [Bounce TV] and ongoing 20 year run at Atlanta’s Uptown Comedy Corner
DJ Ant Love hails from conneticut but has chosen to handle his business from Atlanta,ga. He is the 2nd dj in the nation to win $10,000 on National Television on MTV’s Direct EFX in 2001. Official DJ for Atlanta’s Uptown Comedy Corner for 20yrs. Official DJ for Russell Simmons Def Comedy Jam for 3yrs outside of DJ Kid Capri. Former Official DJ for The Mo’Nique Show for 2 Seasons Mon-Fri at 11pm on B.E.T.Official DJ for Bounce TV’s Off The Chain Comedy Show with Comedian Rodney Perry
Season 3.

The Legend DJ Scratch – EPMD, Busta Rhymes, Jay-Z and CEO of ScratchVision

dj scratch - scratchvisionDJ Scratch (born George Spivey; June 21, 1968) is an American hip hop DJ and producer. Career: DJ Scratch is the 1988 New Music Seminar Battle For World Supremacy DJ Champion, 3 Time Grammy Nominated Multi Platinum Producer, The 2010 Master Of The Mix Winner & The 2012 & 2013 Global Spin Awards Turntablist Of The Year.

DJ Profile: DJ Lord of Public Enemy is a Party Superhero

8152_LORDDJ Lord (born Lord Aswod on March 11, 1975 in Savannah, Georgia, United States), is an American DJ and turntablist.[1] In 1999, DJ Lord joined the hip-hop group Public Enemyon its 40th World Tour [2] replacing Terminator X.[3] Soon after, DJ Lord had his own performance segment within the Public Enemy show. While hip hop has been at the foundation of his career, he also works in the drum and bass arena. His career and the art of turntablism is documented in the DVD, DJ Lord – The Turntablist Chronicles, released in 2004.[4]

In addition to working with Public Enemy, DJ Lord tours solo as well as with Flavor Flav in his solo effort as well as with art exhibition Arts, Beats + Lyrics.[5] He has also performed with rock band Confrontation Camp and TrillBass.



DJ Lord joined the critically acclaimed group on their 40th world tour


Battle career highlights

  • 2004 – DMC U.S. Finalist
  • 2004 – DMC Cincinnati Regional Heat ChampionLORD_malcolmX
  • 2004 – Numark/Guitar Center Southeast Champion
  • 2004 – KoolMixx Atlanta Battle Champion
  • 2003 – KoolMixx Atlanta Battle Champion
  • 2003 – Breaklanta 3 Battle Champion
  • 2002 – Breaklanta 1 Battle Champion
  • 2002 – Pioneer/Promo Only CDJ1000 CD Turntable Champion
  • 2001 – DMC U.S. Finalist
  • 2001 – DMC Phoenix Arizona Regional Champion
  • 2001 – Guitar Center/Stanton Southeast Battle Champion
  • 2000 – Guitar Center/Vestax Southeast Battle Champion
  • 2000 – KoolMixx Atlanta Battle Champion [6]