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Stephen A. Smith threatens 76ers guard: ‘Come at me’ | New York Post

Stephen A. Smith threatens 76ers guard: ‘Come at me’ | New York Post.

picture of stephen a. smith of espn and philadelphia 76'ers player he threatenedIn the latest episode of seemingly “out of control’ Stephen A. Smith of ESPN. He just went on a rant regarding an article written by Philadelphia 76’ers guard Michael Carter-Williams that stated that Williams felt the media blew-up their losing streak to make it a big deal but didn’t show the same interest in the team after they broke the losing streak.

Here is an excerpt of the piece:

The media creates this narrative and repeats it over and over. That’s how Stephen A. Smith ends up in our locker room with a big smile on his face. I’m not picking on him. I know he’s playing a character. He knows he’s playing a character. But what happens when we break the streak by going out and beating Detroit that night? Now it’s another story. After the game, a lot of the reporters didn’t even stick around. The ones that did weren’t prepared. They didn’t ask us about the specifics of the game. They made up questions on the spot, like, “Uh, hey, you guys won … so how do you feel?” We weren’t the story anymore. They were on to the next thing. Stephen A. didn’t really stick around. I guess he had a plane to catch. Believe me, I’m going to do everything in my power to make sure he doesn’t come back for the same reason.

Of course Stephen A. Smith took it way out of context and fired back with threats of his power and connections within ESPN and in and around the league etc…

Is he a gangster or a sports writer. One has to think after his Ray Rice commentary fiasco in which he was suspended from ESPN due to women firing back at his questionable insinuation that women were in-fact  complicit in many of these domestic incidents?


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