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Creative Artist Profile: The Amazing Dale | T.A.D

Artist Spotlight: The Amazing Dale | Brooklyn | New York | Innovator | Director
| Videographer | Photographer

Let’s do do something Amazing!

Enter the arena: T.A.D

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The Amazing Dale | T.A.D


Every blue moon comes a young visionary with the hunger of a rapper, the drive
of an athlete and the street savvy and of a Baller from Brooklyn.
These qualities…along with a love for technology, an eye for flare and more than enough
dedication to bring your vision to life with a groundbreaking mindset is The Amazing Dale also ‘professionally known’ as YSL Dale.

Enjoy the media highlight reel of T.A.D where their mantra is “Lets do Something Amazing”

Officially Endorsed by The Guerilla Filmmakers Foundation

A Brand to watch!

Amazing Dale Reel
The Amazing Dale Logo
The Amazing Dale Logo