DJ Ant Love: A look at his run on late night television with Academy Award Winner Mo’Nique and Comedian Rodney Perry

The Monique Show [BET] ~ Russell Simmons Def Comedy Jam, Rodney Perry’s “Off The Chain” [Bounce TV] and ongoing 20 year run at Atlanta’s Uptown Comedy Corner
DJ Ant Love hails from conneticut but has chosen to handle his business from Atlanta,ga. He is the 2nd dj in the nation to win $10,000 on National Television on MTV’s Direct EFX in 2001. Official DJ for Atlanta’s Uptown Comedy Corner for 20yrs. Official DJ for Russell Simmons Def Comedy Jam for 3yrs outside of DJ Kid Capri. Former Official DJ for The Mo’Nique Show for 2 Seasons Mon-Fri at 11pm on B.E.T.Official DJ for Bounce TV’s Off The Chain Comedy Show with Comedian Rodney Perry
Season 3.

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