picture of president barack obama taking a stance on immigration News

Major Disrespect! Some major networks decide not to carry President Obama’s immigration speech!

Major Networks Not Airing Obamas Immigration Speech.

picture of president barack obama taking a stance on immigrationRemember when we all believed that if you were president you were basically untouchable? (George Bush, Ronald Reagan etc)

We came up thinking the president could make one phone call and shut anything down, put people in their place or have the final say in almost every matter?

Now almost anyone from plumbers to small town mayors, senators and basic low-level politicians can voice their opinions and spew venom with reckless abandon on air and in the newspapers around the nation like its nothing!???

‘What has happened here?”

Since President Barack Obama has taken office the level of disrespect has reached an all-time high. From propaganda polls, to total opposition from the republicans, the tea party, the racists and quite possibly the devil himself! Although immigration is a highly controversial issue which you would think would add to the ratings, some major networks decided on flexing their muscle and showing their true colors by not offering his immigration speech on their networks for the people of our nation to form honest opinions of their own,