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OutKast Designer | Doug Thompkins designs custom DJ layout for Atlanta’s OutKast Re-Union Shows!

Picture of Doug ThompkinsIn heavy anticipation of the OutKast re-union concert tour landing in Atlanta, Doug Thompkins is zoned in on what he’s been doing for approaching 15yrs now. Doug is owner/operator of Flavaz Hair Gallery in East, Atlanta georgia. From being a worldwide barber legend and 5 time Bronner Brothers Champion to prop design, furniture design, award winning costume design and painter it never stops in Doug’s artistic world.
He was kool enough to give us an exclusive interview so that we could provide a 1st look at his latest designs specifically for DJ Cut Master Swiff and OutKast’s Atlanta Re-Union!

Hip Hop Profile of Stahhr

stahhrI am Brains. Beauty and she spits like a viper.
staHHr, the 2 H’s serve as an homage to hip hop, which she embodies down to the soles of her pink Timberlands, has consistently repped the authentic essence of hip hop since she wrote her first verse. Having held her own on tracks with C-Rayz Walz, Scienz of Life, I Self Devine, Jasiri X, Planet Asia and Sha Stimuli, staHHr has shown and proven that skill and ability transcend sex or gender..a dope mc is a dope mc word to KRS ONE. You may be most familiar with staHHr from her work with the metal face villian DOOM. She is also a Blaze Battle alum and has rocked stages from Brooklyn to Oslo, Norway. In addition, staHHr is a passionate health enthusiast who has spent the last 20 years independently studying holistic health and nutrition, as well as being a highly skilled crochet artist. To check out music, videos and more related to stahhr, visit: www.stahhr.com